The CircuitData Material DB is an open source system for information related to the materials used in the production of PCBs. It is available via an API in a format that adheres to the CircuitData Language.

Currently the database has 700 materials from 90 manufacturers as well as 23 generic materials.


To add or correct information in the database:

  1. Download the database. It is available as a CSV.
  2. Make any changes using Excel or Numbers.
  3. Send the updated file to it@elmatica.com.


To access the information in the format compatible with the CircuitData Language an Application Programming Interface or API is available. Using this API is recommended over the CSV file which is used to populate the data as the format of the CSV will change over time but the API will be more stable.

The API is available over HTTP and uses the JSON format.

Materials API

To access information about all materials the URL: http://materials.circuitdata.org/api/v1/materials is used.

This API does not return all the materials at once but is available in pages. To access the second page of materials the parameter "?page=2" needs to be added to the URL. To access all the information continue increasing the page number until no results are returned.

Material API

To access information about a specific material "/:id" needs to be appended to the above materials URL, where ":id" is the actual ID of a material.